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Six Flags Magic Mountain Tips: How to Have the Best Day Ever

Adrenaline junkies, families, California locals, and tourists, all flock to Six Flags Magic Mountain several times each year for unbelievable thrills. Home to heart-pounding coasters and attractions such as Goliath, X2, and Tatsu, there’s no better way to spend the day than at this California amusement park.
Although, with the abundance of visitors, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and ill-prepared for your trip. Before you go, take a deep breath, read our Six Flags Magic Mountain tips, and you’ll be all set for the best day ever—filled with roller coasters, shows, funnel cake, and more!
Riddler's Revenge roller coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain

Know Before You Go: Crucial Six Flags Magic Mountain Tips

Before you even step foot into the amusement park, there are a few things you need to know. From organizing your day to packing the essentials, these tips will help you get ready for an exhilarating day at Six Flags Magic Mountain.

1. Buy Tickets in Advance

You know what’s longer than the roller coaster lines? The ticket lines!
To skip the ticket lines and head straight to the rides, buy your Six Flags Magic Mountain tickets ahead of time. Plus, if you purchase your tickets from Reserve Los Angeles right now, you can save $20 per ticket or more.
You’ll walk right by the ticket line and save money at the same time. Sounds like a fantastic deal to me!

2. Know What to Bring

Among the most important of Six Flags Magic Mountain tips is knowing what you should and should not bring into the park. Certain belongings will benefit your day, while others will hinder it.
Bring a Waterproof Bag
Six Flags Magic Mountain has several thrilling water rides such as Roaring Rapids and Tidal Wave. To eliminate the possibility of your belongings becoming soaked, bring a waterproof bag. The last thing you need is a fried smartphone! You’re better off leaving them in the provided cubbies, but if you can’t part with your phone, make sure it’s in a waterproof bag.
Don’t Pack Too Much
If you back an excessive amount of items, you will be forced to pay for a locker as big bags are not permitted on rides. Save money (and your sanity) by packing lightly. At most, you should need:

  • Valid ID
  • Cash/Credit Cards
  • Phone
  • Phone Charger (if desired)
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen

Most guests use fanny packs, small purses/backpacks, or drawstring bags to carry their belongings. These bags will need to be left in the cubbies available before boarding a roller coaster or ride. If you are forced to carry big bags for smaller children, make sure you utilize the Parent Swap option for rides and switch off who holds the bag!
Keep in mind, you can keep items in your car to retrieve and use later in the day. Also, know that all bags are subject to search prior to entering the park.
Know What is Not Allowed Inside
For the safety and security of guests, Six Flags Magic Mountain restricts certain items from entering the park. Review this list prior to packing for your day of fun.
Bring a Picnic
Looking to save money? Skip the park food and pack your own. You’ll have to leave it in the car, but re-entry is allowed with a hand stamp.

3. Know What to Wear

Naturally, what you wear to an amusement park has a direct effect on your day. With this in mind, one of the top Six Flags Magic Mountain tips is to dress appropriately! Check out the weather forecast for your intended visit and choose an outfit accordingly. You may also want to bring a light jacket or sweatshirt if you plan on visiting at night.
Most importantly, comfortable shoes are imperative! You’ll be walking all over the park, all day long. You don’t want sore feet nagging at you with each step. Opt for sneakers/tennis shoes or other comfortable shoe choices. While flip flops and sandals may seem comfortable, they are not sturdy and can result in pain or injury from excessive walking.
Also, Six Flags Magic Mountain does not allow guests to wear clothing with rude, vulgar or offensive language or graphics. And, bathing suits may only be worn inside the Hurricane Harbor waterpark.

4. Decide When to Visit

If you want to steer clear from crowds as much as possible, choosing the right time to visit is key. Naturally, the summer season is the busiest. If you choose to visit during this time, try to go on a weekday for smaller crowds.
In general, the winter season tends to be the least crowded time of year. However, the downside is limited hours of operation. Choose your intended day wisely!
Group of roller coaster riders at Six Flags Magic Mountain

Tips for Visiting Six Flags Magic Mountain

Once you’ve arrived at Six Flags Magic Mountain, keep these tips in mind for an exhilarating day!

5. Take a Picture of Your Parking Spot

There is nothing worse than wandering around a parking lot clicking your key fob in search of your car. To eliminate this possibility, take a picture of your parking spot before you enter the park.

6. Start Your Day at the Back of the Park

A common mistake is to hop on the first ride you see once you enter the park. While you ride these smaller rides, the lines for the bigger and better rides are filling up! Most of the larger coasters and rides are located at the back of the park, so head here first. In doing so, you’ll hop right on the biggest coasters without a long wait!
Or, grab a park map and make a plan of action, starting with the top roller coasters and attractions.

7. Ride Water Rides Early in the Day

If water rides are your thing, try to ride them early in the day. You’ll get soaked first and dry off as the day goes on. Plus, with the California heat, it’ll help you cool off.

8. Know Your Child’s Height

All parents know the painful look of disappointment when a child is unable to ride an attraction due to their height. To avoid this situation, measure your child before you go. This way, you can make a plan of action and hit up the attractions they are able to ride without any pouting, tantrums, or tears.

9. Use Parent Swap

Parents want to go on the rides too, right? If visiting with children who are not tall enough to ride, simply use the Parent Swap option so both parents can experience the thrills. Here’s how it works:

  1. Your entire party enters the ride queue.
  2. When preparing to board, tell the Ride Attendant you want to use the Parent Swap Program.
  3. Children who are not tall enough to ride are instructed to wait at the exit with an adult from your party.
  4. After the first ride is completed, the adult who waited with the child is now allowed to ride.

Most parents will agree that Parent Swap is among the most beneficial Six Flags Magic Mountain tips ever!

10. Use Single Rider Lanes to Skip the Lines

Can’t contain your excitement for a particular coaster? Hop into the single rider lane to get on the ride faster. That is if you don’t mind splitting your group up and riding alone. You’ll experience the ride faster and have more time for other fun around the park!

11. Skip THE FLASH Pass

Speaking of getting on the rides faster…
Six Flags Magic Mountain offers an option known as THE FLASH Pass. Similar to the FastPass+ at Walt Disney World, riders select an attraction and are given a specific time to return for their ride. However, at Six Flags Magic Mountain, these passes are an additional cost. And, with three different “speed” options, the price increases per level.
You can avoid the extra expense by being strategic with your ride selection, schedule for the day, and use of the Single Rider lane.

12. Eat at Off-Peak Times

After experiencing the rush of Magic Mountain’s roller coasters, entertainment, and rides, you’ll work up quite an appetite. However, just like the rides, quick service counters and restaurant lines fill up fast too. (So many lines!)
Prevent this by eating at off-peak times throughout the day. While others are on the rides, you can fuel up and get ready for more fun!

13. End the Day at Full Throttle Sports Bar

After a fun-filled day, wind down at Full Throttle Sports Bar. The restaurant is decorated like a typical sports bar with multiple TVs, several beers on tap, and sports memorabilia. It’s the perfect place to relax after a day full of thrills.
Six Flags Magic Mountain coaster

Bonus Six Flags Magic Mountain Tips

Extend the thrills by using these Six Flags Magic Mountain tips!

14. Take Advantage of Park Re-Entry

Six Flags guests are allowed to exit and re-enter the park at their leisure, so long as they get their hand stamped prior to leaving. When you return, enter through the re-entry gate and show your hand stamp.
Leaving the park is ideal for those who want to save money by bringing a picnic, need to re-apply sunscreen, or simply forgot something in the car. Take advantage of this perk to ensure that your trip is affordable, convenient, and most of all, fun!

15. Reserve a Hotel Nearby

Everyone knows a day riding roller coasters is exhausting. Instead of driving all the way bag to Los Angeles or home, give yourself a break and reserve a hotel room in Valencia. There are plenty of affordable hotels near Six Flags Magic Mountain, so you’ll be able to find your perfect lodging choice.
And, since you’ll be right near the park, why not turn it into two days of thrills?

Share Your Six Flags Magic Mountain Tips

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