Reserve Direct offers travel suppliers a new revenue stream by placing their products into an interactive destination-specific booking engine that will both promote their products individually, as well as the destination as a whole. Subsequently, their products will also become available through our expansive distribution network. Reserve Direct also offers a variety of reservation solutions for a travel supplier’s proprietary website.

Online Travel Trends

The growing need to expose your product to the traveling consumer via the web in a real time booking environment becomes more urgent by the day. U.S. online travel sales are projected to reach a year-end total of $54 billion in 2004, comprising just under a quarter (23 percent) of all domestic travel sales. That figure marks a 20 percent year-over-year increase above the 2003 total. These trends show significant increases over the next few years. By 2010, over 33% of all travel purchases are expected to occur online.

Destination-Specific Reservation Site

Destination-specific booking engines provide travel consumers a single, reliable source to secure travel purchases in advance of arrival in a real time environment. What this means to the destination as a whole is as a community they will be able to present accurate, reliable travel information to potential consumers in a format that the travel supplier can interact and control. The entire destination becomes easily accessible to the travel consumer when they are ready to plan and book their travel.

Distribution Channels

Reserve Direct will not only distribute products through the parent destination site but offers an endless virtual network of distribution through the direct consumer, travel agencies, partner travel sites and global distribution systems. Direct consumer channels include private label travel sites and affiliated supplier sites as well as our own customer base accessing our multiple destination services.

Proprietary Solutions

As a participating supplier with Reserve Direct, capturing online sales through your own website is easier than ever. We offer direct-to-product affiliate solutions for all supplier types and private label booking platforms for entire destination packaging. Offer your customers the ability to secure their reservations when they are ready. Availability and pricing is seamless with your current account, which means reservations are secured at the time of booking. And best yet, all our booking solutions include profit sharing.