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Calling all marine life lovers! Come explore life underwater at Miami Seaquarium. From animal encounters to mesmerizing exhibits, there’s so much to discover about our aquatic friends. Don’t forget to take in a dolphin or sea lion show while you’re here. The whole family will enjoy seeing manatees, penguins, seals, tropical fish and so much more. Plus, be sure to try out our obstacle course!

Good To Know

from Ashley, one of our Miami Travel Experts
  • Open 365 days a year.
  • Selfie sticks are prohibited from the aquarium and park for the safety of guests and animals.
  • Features a wide range of experiences, from dolphin shows to an aerial obstacle course.
  • Exhibits teach guests about sea conservation, rescue, and rehabilitation.


from Miami Seaquarium
Sunshine, sealife and surprises
Whether swimming deep beneath the surface or leaping high above the water, the sealife of Miami Seaquarium® will delight and astound. Take a look at all we have to offer. There's an experience for every member of the family. On a 38-acre tropical paradise, the Miami Seaquarium® is where conservation and education go hand in hand, sea lions delight children of all age, and endangered sea turtles and manatees find a safe haven. Enjoy a world-class marine-life entertainment park with a variety of fun things to do in Miami, South Florida. From eight different marine animal shows, astonishing daily presentations, and a variety of educational tidbits along the way, Miami Seaquarium® is a place of inspiration, education - and fun!

General Admission: General Admission includes all day access to the Seaquarium. daily admission includes a fun filled day of marine-life shows and exhibits on 38 beautiful acres overlooking the Miami skyline.

Dolphin Odyssey: You’ll have the opportunity to kiss, hug and dance with one of these amazing mammals. Hold on tight! You’ll swim into deeper water for an amazing dorsal pull across the pool! Must be 52” or taller. 14 people max per session.

Reef Encounter/ Sea Trek: You’ll put on a space-age diving helmet that makes it effortless to breathe underwater! Then, you’ll descend into our amazing reef tank filled with tropical fish, stingrays, turtles, eels and more!

Dolphin Encounter: This shallow-water dolphin experience includes many of the behaviors in an Odyssey. You’ll get to touch and kiss and even feed your dolphin, but there is no swimming (except by our dolphins and they’re pretty good!). 28 people max per session.

Seal Swim: These playful mammals just love interacting with our guests. You’ll enjoy a free swim with our seals and then our trainers will guide you through some behaviors – seal kisses, seal hugs and more!

Parking Fees:
  • Car or Motorcycle – $10 per day
  • Passenger Van, Limo, Camper, or RV – $10 per day

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TripAdvisor Reviews
TripAdvisor user image
Chesca M
Denver, Colorado
"Save your money and skip this"
TripAdvisor user rating 1 out of 5
Reviewed February 13, 2019 NEW
This was by far the worst “Seaquarium” I’ve visited. We started by catching the whale show- which was awful. The tank was so small and the show was unimpressive. I thought the whale had a bigger pool it could go in the back but nope- that huge whale is stuck in a tiny tank... and it shares it with 3 dolphins. We then moved on to the reef aquarium- the water was so filthy you couldn’t see the fish. You had to literally press your face onto the glass to see the fish. Facilities were dated and it really shows. We did the dolphin encounter package and it was just ok. We expected a little more but by the time we went in, i just wanted to leave the place and be over with it. Photo package by the way was about 85 per person- online link for pics costs 70. I left feeling duped, guilty and disgusted. Duped because I believed in their “humane” certification- I would hope the certifying agency pays a surprise visit because there’s nothing humane about that place. Guilty because I contributed to that poor whale being kept in deplorable conditions. I sat watching in horror thinking of how the creature lives. Disgusted because I can’t believe they charge so much for a sad, dirty display. Not worth the money and the traffic I sat on to get there. Skip this “attraction”, save your money and do something else.
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TripAdvisor user image
"Great experience"
TripAdvisor user rating 5 out of 5
Reviewed February 12, 2019 NEW
Got alot more than I bargained for. Had the opportunity to see orca, dolphins, manatees and lots of other wildlife up close.
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TripAdvisor user image
TripAdvisor user rating 1 out of 5
Reviewed February 11, 2019 NEW
This place is disgusting. It’s not an aquarium it’s an “attraction” and a poorly kept dirty unethical one at that. The pens are small and dirty. Not many things actually live in this aquarium. They are just surviving. I got tears in my eyes when I watched the dolphins swim in their tiny pool looping over and over and over endlessly. I didn’t know when we dropped in for a quick visit what kind of place this was. Want to pet a penguin? Just pay $$. Want to touch dolphins just pay $$$. These poor animals have no say in being groped by the public for money. I found out after I left that the orca is living in the smallest tank in the USA. Only 4X her length. I didn’t even know they had an orca. That would have given me a clue what kind of place this is. It’s a bunch of poorly cared for animals doing stupid human tricks for a crowd. This type of “entertainment” I thought went out of business 20+ years ago. This place is dated dirty run down and small. Oh and they charge $50 a person for general admission. I’ve been to nicer real aquariums for less. I expected to see fish and sea life swimming in fish tanks with natural habitats what I saw was blue concrete tanks that were dirty. Oh and my favorite was the random baby gate used in the penguin enclosure over the door. I didn’t make it to the orca tank or the manatee tank. I was too angry. I left and demanded my money back as any who accidentally gets sucked into this dump should do. I’m surprised this place is still open. It should be shut down.
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TripAdvisor user image
Barbara M
Miami, Florida
"A Splash of Ocean Life"
TripAdvisor user rating 5 out of 5
Reviewed February 09, 2019 NEW
The Miami Seaquarium has a variety of sea animals on display as well as a collection of colorful parrots and iguanas. Shows are scheduled throughout the day, so it is best to plan for several hours to walk from one performing or display area to the next. The staff making presentations were enthusiastic and friendly.. Ecology and conservation are part of all presentations, and important rescue and rehabilitation for injured sea animals occur on this site. The Seaquarium is an excellent place to experience and learn about animals from the waters which surround Miami.
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TripAdvisor user image
Codi S
"Day at the park AND a Dolphin Swim"
TripAdvisor user rating 1 out of 5
Reviewed February 06, 2019 NEW
We took our family of 8 to the Miami Seaquarium for a Dolphin swim. The entire experience was unimpressive. I have been to Florida many times to visit family and each time we fill our week with attraction activities. We have done several dolphin swims at other locations. Those locations also had Dolphin and Sea Lion shows. Very few of the snack shacks or ice cream places were open. We started to get hungry just after noon and we had to search for an open facility. When we found some that were open, the staff was lazy. Several times we went to a counter for a drink or a snack. The staff most of the time were on their phones as we stood at the counter staring at them. When they realized we were there, they were less than excited to get us what we wanted. The Dolphin and Sea Lion show were very short. Most Dolphin and Sea Lion shows talk about Sea conservation and the importance of keeping it clean for the animals. However, that was basically all of these shows were focused on. The shows were much shorter and much less fun than any other Dolphin or Sea Lion show I have ever been to. The Manatee Lagoon was disgusting... The Dolphin swimming experience was no where near what it has been at other places in the past. For an actual swim with the Dolphins (which is much more expensive than an interaction) you get to get pulled by one Dolphin from one side to the other of a small lagoon. Other Dolphin Swimming experiences I have been to in the past includes much more interaction with the Dolphins during the swim. I watched a Dolphin experience group during their interaction while my daughter was getting ready for her swim and I think they actually got to interact with the dolphin more than my daughter was able to during her Swim. There are places that offer all of these experiences that are so much better than Miami Seaquarium. Head down to the keys, its worth the extra drive.
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Miami Seaquarium is located at 4400 Rickenbacker CausewayMiami, FL 33149
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Frequently Asked Questions about Miami Seaquarium

Can I bring my pet to Miami Seaquarium?
No. Legally-certified service dogs are the only type of pet or outside animal allowed within the park. This policy is in place for the safety of our guests, employees, and marine animals.

Are strollers or wheelchairs available to the public?
Yes. Wheelchairs and strollers are available for rent on a first come, first serve basis. These can be found at the Guest Services area at the front of the park.

How long will it take me to complete the entire park?
It takes guests approximately four hours to tour the entire park. Guests are welcome to stay as long as they need during operating hours to experience the entire park, shows, and available animal encounters and experiences.

What are the hours of operation?
Miami Seaquarium is open all year long from 10:00am to 6:00pm. Hours of operation are subject to change due to private events, inclement weather conditions, or other outside factors.

What time are the shows each day?
To ensure the safety and wellbeing of our animals, the show times vary each day and are established the morning of. Generally, it is best to arrive at 9:30am or 12:00pm to see the full cycle of shows scheduled for that day.

If you have questions about the shows being held on the day of your visit, please ask one of our onsite employees.

What should I wear if going to the park?
It is recommended that guests wear comfortable clothing with the day’s forecast in mind. All attire must be family-friendly in nature. In addition, jewelry that poses a potential threat or hazard to our animals will be asked to be removed.

Can I bring a camera to the park?
Yes. Personal photography is allowed throughout the park, with the exception of our animal interactivity opportunities. Photography poses a threat and safety hazard to our animals and guests during these experiences.